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Web Guru India is an India-based premier web services & Development company providing exclusive customized web solutions to businesses across the world.

Our services cater to all areas of website development, including web design, web development, portal development, Search Engine Optimization , website promotion,and web hosting and maintenance.

Web Design India

static-websiteWeb designing table less design is the method of web designing and its development without the use of HTML tables for the purpose to create page layouts and control its functions. HTML tables are not used for substituting the HTML tables for which we use language of style sheets for example Cascading Style Sheets which is also termed as CSS, these are used for arrangements of elements & text which is on the web pages. World Wide Web Consortium which is termed as (W3C) is the basis of intranet and they control the whole World Wide Web, they on their level have introduced this Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in order to improve the web accessibility and to generate HTML codes and semantic rather than presentational format.

Just because of the name "tableless web design" which is just a term, some users have interpreted the present design strategy for as an unconditional refutation and that also for all tables present in the web design.  View More

Web Development India

web-designWeb development is a broader sense of taking in view of the website development programme and posting them on World Wide Web, or internet and intranet in a desired manner. This can involve the terms of business development software’s which are the quick source providers for business , e-commerce which is again a big platform on the intranet that deals about the functions of web designing, web server, or may be of web content development configurations.

However, Web developments usually mark its point towards the aspect of building that part which only include non designing state of making a web site for examples coding and writing the mark ups . Web development is the only exclusive technique which can transform the simplest looking website in to the most complex one. It is a great tool and one of the assets to the industry; it provides the user with an exclusive variety of the web designing features, it transforms the most simplest looking web page to the most difficult web page based on the internet’s applications and electronic businesses or can also say for social network service.  View More

Search Engine Optimization India

featured-seoMarketing your business is the most difficult task than deciding a concept. After designing you can’t sit and wait for people to come to you. It is our duty to publicize our website and increase the page rank.

Internet marketing is one of the most powerful ways to sell your business. When used properly, it can reach to unbelievable heights. Internet can reach you to millions of people around the world. There are several methods to market your website. We help you show the techniques and market your website. Our clients have been exceedingly happy on seeing the results after working with us.

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E-commerce B2B Services

ecommerceWe focus on e-commerce solutions and web site development that suits one’s business challenges. Our e-commerce applications build the initiatives to improve sales and performances, to take care of customer satisfaction and other marketing initiatives which are undertaken by the company.

Whatever one’s business may be, the company can help other in the market and sell ones own products and also service provider at a low cost effectively. With designs which stand outrageously from the common crowd, we present small businesses proposals and encourage corporate enterprises initiative and innovative ideas bringing out a unique way to promote and sell on the internet.

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Web Guru India, as the name suggests, is a professional company offering

website designing, software development&internet marketing. Starting from the very basics, we work to provide our clients with as many facilities as possible at reasonable rates and with a competitive viability. Call Now